Flowing Stream Of Words

As I have been practicing working with flow, I let this blog be written as a series of images that presented themselves to my fingers as I worked the keyboard.  Let them talk to you and then imagine you joining with the downward flowing stream of life.

The stream it seemed so quiet as I hugged the rocks and bounced off the bank.  In that flow was a depth of knowing as if the wisdom of the universe was stored in every particle.

I knew the water would be cold because it came from the snow covered mountains.  I hoped brother Sun would leave its influence too along the way.

I stepped inside the flow and lay down.  Every atom of the stream joined with every particle that was me.  Soon there was no more me but only the oneness of the flow.

In this knowing union I was Divine, holy or made whole.  There was all there was, full of knowing, and ever expanding consciousness.

In the flow the identified me was joined richly with all that is, was, and will be.  Now all was abundance, health, wealth, love, joy, creative expression, compassion, understanding, awareness, freedom and so much more.

After awhile, I reconsolidated and left the stream, but the stream never left me.  That flow still lingers in my heart, which seems to enliven the flow in my body, and still I am the downward current of that mountain.

I am now surging freely and easily downward plump with rejoicing in the effortless ways of desire made manifest.  Love and joy makes up my day and peace occupies my mind.  Real passion thrives within and ideas seem endless.

I reach out and touch others and together we heal and transform.  We are the flow that knows where to go.  Life is good and we are free.