Labor Day Thoughts

This is a day to acknowledge all the work we do, all the efforts we put in: to having money; to providing for our families and ourselves; to having a home; to investing in our future.  This is time well spent or is it.  Yes with all the benefits from a steady income, it makes sense to go forward.   Could it be that you put in lots of effort but just make enough to get by until the next check?  Isn’t it time that things flow more easily?  Isn’t it time that we have extra?

Over the last few weeks, until I varied off course to talk about the Democratic Convention and the need for us all to get involved in this election so that positive and real change comes about, I have been writing about flowing downstream.  Be sure and go back to my August 23rd posting and before to read some of the ideas that seem to have been flowing through me.  I am both passionate about the well-being of my country and the planet and about inspiring the best in you and me as we explore our potential and the natural abundance of the universe.

Let’s keep this simple, the best ways to reduce the effort of your lives and open the abundance of the universe are the following:

•    Believe in yourself, accept who you are, and be ok with having what you want
•    Connect to the Source of the universe by quieting yourself, tuning in, listening to your intuition, and aligning your self with Higher Self
•    Imagine the rich abundant flow of the universe being downstream and effortless
•    Make a commitment to getting into the downstream flow and stop fighting upstream, nothing that you really want has to be a struggle unless you insist on it
•    Have joy and relief as your goal, live with passion in what you do, feel grateful for all that is possible

This all seems simple enough.  I will attest to the ongoing work it takes to really trust in the flow.  My ego and my determination to make it happen, get in my way.  The release and the trust I need are growing and my Higher Self is guiding me when I listen.  

I will write more soon.  Are you ready to give up the struggle?

ps Bill Moyers is also a great investigative reporter.  See article yesterday.