Does What You Think Matter?

We have so much information available to us to inform our thinking.  The Internet has made it possible to find out what we want to find out.  Today the traditional news is more about sensationalism and experts giving their opinion than about what is really happening.  Sometimes it seems Amy Goodman is the only true investigative journalist left in America.  The networks are huge corporations with points of view that are about the bottom line, not about seeking the truth.

Yesterday I wrote about the importance of critical thinking.  Today I want to again emphasis the importance of asking questions until you have the answers you seek, until you feel you have the truth.  There are so any questions to be answered about our government and the corporate influence that dictates our lives.  Each of us must find our own answers.  If we don’t, we will continue to be stuck with leadership that is a disaster.  We are the leaders of this country, not the lobbyist, not the money influence, not the corporate wishes, not the politicians run by ego, not any religious influences.  We are the leaders we have been hoping for.

Some of the questions worth exploring

Why did John McCain choose Sarah Palin who many think is not even qualified to be governor of Alaska as his running mate.  Was he considering what was good for the nation, or what might help him win some votes?

How come the police in St Paul, Minnesota have been raiding the homes and office of people who might protest at the convention?  Is this more of the same Bush tactics of now allowing any opposition anywhere he goes?

How come in the face of overwhelming scientific agreement by the best scientist in the world, some people still think we are not facing a global crisis?  Did you know that the few reports arguing against global climate change where sponsored by Big Oil and politically conservative organizations?

How come the past is supposed to be better than the future in a conservative point of view?  Is it really possible to for things to not move forward and evolve?  Is the conservative agenda more about control then freedom?

Is it ok with you that 90-95% of the wealth is in the hands of 5% of the people?  Are tax breaks for the richest beneficial to the nation?  Isn’t the trickle down economics of the Republicans a an elitist point of view for the benefit of the rich?

How come this president hasn’t been held accountable for all the lies and laws he has broken?  Is starting a war ok with you?  Is torture ok with you?  Is domestic spying done illegally by this administration ok with you?  Is this president thinking he is above the law ok with you?

Should the religious beliefs be influencing government policy?  Isn’t creationism the opposite of science?  Why do people tend to accept whatever ministers tell them to believe?  Have they lost their own ability to figure things out?

There are so many other questions to be asked.  I know it is a lot of work to be informed, to seek your own truth.  You have to be an amazing human being to be that dedicated.  In fact you are innately amazing if you choose to be.  The future of our planet is dependent on the “amazing” in all of us to come out and be expressed.