Are You A Critical Thinker?

How come people aren’t critical in their thinking?  Someone told me about a book that was highly critical of Obama so I got on the internet to read some reviews and what came up were numerous references to reviewers questioning the so called facts.  The person that told me about the book accepted it all as fact.  The author that wrote it has a history of very biased writing.  Maybe the person that told me about the book was looking for reasons to dislike Obama.  I suspect that may have been the case.

It is true that we like to have our ideas supported.  Is it ok that we seek out information that is false to support our thoughts?  Isn’t the truth more important than the false supporting of what we want to think?  Isn’t ultimately better to know what is true so we can be informed?  Isn’t it also important to know the source from which we get our information?

I want to know the truth.  I want to be an informed citizen.  If my beliefs our incorrect, I want to know.  I think of my parent’s generation as being more rule followers, who don’t question authority, and don’t seem to use critical thinking.  Maybe it is not just in my parent’s generations, maybe it is more across the board than I know?  

What is your experience?  Do the people you know think critically?  It seems that many religions are held together by people who don’t question what they are told to believe.  That seems also true in politics, where those that question things are called Liberal?  Corporations also seem to have the expectation that you be a good worker and follow along with the culture of the company.  Serious questioning seems to be frowned on by those in authority.

I highly suspect that our country and the planet are in the shape they are because of the lack of critical thinking.  Where in your life do you carefully think things through and search for the truth?  Where in your life do you just go along?  It seems much easier to just go along in some ways.

Let’s imagine that you took on the challenges of genuinely seeking the truth in all areas of your life.  How might that enrich your experience?