Barack Star

Was that the talk of an inspired leader or what?  Barack Obama is hope for America.  I borrowed the title of the blog today from our local paper and I suspect this is a title that could be on every paper this morning in America.  Barack is a star and so are you and I and everyone else who cares enough for this country to get involved.  Record numbers are showing up and speaking up.  The young have been inspired by Obama and will be a force in this election.  Older people who for long time have been disenchanted are getting involved again.  There is hope and that hope is you and I and leadership that can think for the future with everyone in mind.  

I felt the energy of that stadium with around 84,000 people who cared enough to show up and cheer for Obama, each other, and America.  That is the kind of energy needed to push past the fear, the conservative resistance to change, the self-doubt, the limited and limiting old ways.  That is the kind of energy needed to push forward the agenda for a better America and a better world.  That is the kind of energy needed to break from the establishment and live fully in the 21st Century.

The flow of us all coming together for the good of all people will transform the nation and the planet toward its higher potential rather than keep in stuck in the ghost of the past.  

Does anyone really think we can do things now as they were done in the past?  Have those resistant to change seen all that is going on?  More work, less pay, more struggle, less middle class, more debt, less savings, more profits, less recipients, more deficit, less security, more fear, less relief and on and on, that is the legacy of the Bush/Cheney years.  

Yes there needs to be changes in almost every sector of society and only expansive thinking leadership can succeed, only willing and determined people will make it possible.   We can come together by the joining of forces of the people for the people and the results will be easier than we thought possible.  

Find out where you can sign up today to get involved in shaping our positive future.  We are all counting on you to live as fully as you can the potential, passion and purpose that are unique to you and your life.   You and I, in the pursuit of what we want and what we know is for the good of all people, will be a wonderful thing and a beautiful creation.