Tonight’s The Night For America

Tonight Barack Obama will formally accept the Democratic nomination for President of the United States.  He is a great speaker and I am sure the talk will be one to remember.  This nomination of a black American to run for president is also something that will be a part of the legacy of those who lived to see this happen.  I am very excited about this day in our history.  I suspect that Martin Luther King would be very proud of this moment also.  

This nomination is more than historic.  It is also means at a deep level that people want to believe in hope and the possibilities of our nation again.  It feels over the past 8 years as if we have all had to endure a setback of higher human values by the needs of the ego in search of power and dominance.   Barack Obama is a return to a higher way, to an intelligence guided by heart.

Last night President Clinton made it very clear that he felt Barack Obama was the leader we needed.  Joe Biden confirmed that he too felt Obama was uniquely ready for the task of leading this nation.  The convention center, full of delegates, seemed to have come together in a unified belief in the optimistic future for this election with Obama as the candidate.   I know for the first time in a long time, I am voting for someone I believe in and not the lesser of two bad choices.  

I watched PBS’s coverage last night instead of CNN’s and frankly it seemed just like a news network not a parade of highly biased experts.  The difference was refreshing and not so focused on the drama of opinion.

The energy of politics is enticing to me but the amount of saying what you think people want to hear would be stifling.  The great politicians seem to speak in ways that try to reach everyone.  That is a great gift and something that is needed at this level.  I appreciate the skill level of all those who spoke with such passion and purpose.  

The skill sets of these people in high offices are extraordinary.  What are extraordinary at?  In what ways could you move people to make changes?  Where is the aliveness and inspiration in what you do?

Yesterday at my job, one of our clients completed our program and he is now ready to go out into his world and try to stay in recovery.  He came to us guarded and hardened.  He left open, thoughtful and excited about a better life.  I feel protective of him as he left because I know there are many challenges to be faced.  His addictions will pull on him and test his resolve.  If he is to succeed he must count on the support of others and keep his thoughts and heart in order.

Whether it is my client on his own, Barack Obama running for president, or you and I doing our lives in the midst of the ups and downs, it all comes to this reality:  we are all on our own hero’s journey and it is those with determination and a willingness to keep on growing that will succeed even if we have failures along the way.  

The future of our nation depends upon our willingness to learn and expand, not on the tired old ways of the past.  Together with open minds and hearts we can do what we need to do to get this nation back on the path to a positive tomorrow.  There is much to repair but the focus needs to be on solutions that will make a difference over the long run.  Are you ready to flow towards an inspired future where each of us makes a difference by expressing our unique heart, mind and creativity?