Hillary Hits A Home Run For Democracy

Hillary hit a home run last night at the Convention.  She asked everyone to come together as a party and to vote for Barack Obama.  Her talk was full of passion for the future and for the kind of leadership necessary to make America great again.  I enjoyed the talk and found it very inspiring.  Go Hillary, Go Barack.   This is democracy in action and it is good to see my fellow citizens alive with the fervor for a better nation and world.

Are you ready to get involved fully in your own community and your nation?  Are you ready to realize the passion and power with in you?  Are your ready to step up to the plate and make a difference?  Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have given their lives to the service of this country.  They are two amazing human beings doing their best to make a positive difference.  You too can be champions of democracy by getting involved to make sure change does happen for the good of us all.  

“We have a lot of work ahead of us,” says Hillary.  Yes we do and you and I have the capabilities necessary to succeed.  Yes we can. Where is your passion?  Is it: a new direction for this country, universal health care, saving the planet, reducing corporate power, election reform, equal justice, green economy, financial equity, windfall profits for oil, educational reform, fair trade, ending the war in Iraq, or something else?  Whatever stirs passion in you is a path worth following.  

Go with the flow in you towards what you value, what matters to you, what gives you meaning in life, what makes you feel alive and energized, what keeps you going even when challenged, what fills your heart with joy.  

There comes a time when the couch is no longer the place where we need to be.  It is time to be out in the flow of life where the people are and possibilities abound.  You and I are needed now at so many levels.  Shall we dance?