Can We Allow What Is Positively Possible?

Day One of the Democratic Convention went well with Ted Kennedy showing up to support Obama and to encourage the party coming together to win the election in the fall.  Michelle Obama also delivered a great talk in support of her husband.   There was hope in the air and the people of this country are tuned in enough to know what party and its candidate will be about positive change in this country.  

What inspires you when people speak?  Is it the words and ideas in great speeches?  Is it stories that touch your heart?  Is it the passion of the speaker?  Is it something that you feel and know is uplifting?  Is it the joy of life that is expressed?  Is it that you align with the hopes and dreams of the speaker?

Part of aligning with the flow is knowing what motivates you.  The downstream flow is full of abundant possibilities if you allow yourself to partake.  The way you allow is to:
•    Feel passionate about what matters to you
•    Have an open heart
•    Think outside the box in more expanded ways
•    Raise your vibrations/energy
•    Be playfully high on life
•    Connect to the Source, your spirit
•    Take good care of your body
•    Follow the guidance of your intuition
•    Allow the creative in you to be expressed
•    Bring your Higher Self into all your decisions
•    Live in and appreciate each moment
•    Focus on what is working well
•    Feel gratitude for all you have
•    Live in the joy that is you
•    Let go and flow with life
•    Seek the relief that comes from having wants and needs and then realizing them

The most important thing to do to set you free is to be present to all that you know, feel, sense from the great wisdom that resides in your consciousness and heart.