Are You Ready For Change, This Convention Offers Hope

The Greenfest yesterday pre-Democratic Convention seemed to be a big success.  There were some big time speakers (The Mayor of Denver, Van Jones, and Darryl Hannah), lots of music, a large showing of green products and services and our organic peace t-shirts.  We had a very good day encouraging people to express their support for world peace.  

This will be a powerful week as the energy is built up for the push for the November election.  My blog will most likely focus on this buildup and how important the it is for the nation to come together and demand that we the people have get our country back from the forces of fear, greed, and power.  

Downtown Denver has been turned into a military state.  According to one of the peace marchers, the police outnumbered the marchers in Sunday’s peace rally.  All day long there was a constant buzz of military helicopters.  There were bands of swat like units often parading about.  This high security seems more about controlling the masses and the opposition to this government than about protection.  The government generated idea that there is some kind of lurking danger allows our government to really shut down opposition.  This fear-based style of leadership deeply concerns many who value the freedoms of this country.

Barack Obama’s run for the presidency will be historic and heroic.
  This nation so needs inspired leadership and he is the one chosen by the people to take on the daunting task of trying to clean up the last 8 years of terrible leadership.  It is heroic because the task ahead is enormous with the economy in trouble and $482 billion deficit run up by this supposed fiscal conservative.  This by the way is a big trend.  Republicans go into office claiming they are fiscally conservative and then build huge debts; Reagan $200+ Billion, Bush Sr. $300 Billion.  This handcuffs our nation and its people and the rich get richer.  

President Clinton built a $200 billion surplus being a so-called “tax and spend liberal.”  Our economy was strong and in good shape 8 years ago.  Sure his personal choices were poor but he didn’t screw the nation.  

It is time for leadership that represents the people and Obama is our best hope.  He is not perfect but he has the ability to think big, to be hopeful, and is the most connected to what the people want.  Let’s hope this convention sets into motion an unstoppable movement to recapture the White House.  

On another note:  I wanted to let you know that my work on the downstream flow is producing some very positive results, which I will share with you as they unfold.  For close to two weeks, I have stayed away from focusing what is wrong and in general avoided my political comments to keep my energy directed toward the flow.  As I said the results look good.  I will however focus on politics here in my backyard as the Democratic Convention unfolds keeping my lens directed at the hope and possibility of us coming together to make our nation strong again.  

Have a good week and keep you heart and mind open and ready to expand to a more positive and compassionate future for our lives and this nation.