We Must Consider Future Generations

Tomorrow there is a large Green Festival in Denver and the Democratic Conventions gets under way.  We will be selling our peace t-shirts and promoting peace  www.peace-together.com.  It should be a really interesting day and this coming week is democracy in action.  Yes I know politics is not very pretty most of the time, but the Democratic conventions are usually full of great speeches and lots of thoughtful ideas.  Might as well enjoy the good stuff because the campaign up until Election Day will get very dirty.  In Colorado we have swing state status so the campaign has already got heated.

The choice for president is totally clear to me and I have a difficult time understanding who could rationalize 4 more years of the same stuff.  My vote is precious to me because I think our choices are not only for the next four years but also what is best for the people and country 3, 4, 5, and more generations from now.  It seems to me many people vote with wanting something now and no view of the bigger picture.  This wanting something now is usually tax breaks, cheaper gas etc.  This view leaves the future in hock for the wants of today.  

Drilling off the coasts and in protected lands will not bring cheaper gas it will only bring more profits for the oil companies and compromise out quality of living.  Shortsightedness to me is one of the human qualities that does great damage to the planet.

What makes most sense to me is that we first get everyone to the table.  Us citizens need to be represented by people who can see the bigger picture free of money influence.   The oil people are only driven by the bottom line and that is ok as long as that is clear to everyone.   Elected government representatives cannot be in the pockets of Big Oil.  Members of working poor, the middle class and the wealthy also need to be at the table because they all bring valued perspectives.   Advocates for the environment are also key members of this gathering.  Then they must focus on solutions that work for benefit of everyone.  

That is how we work toward solutions, when all the key factors are represented.  With everyone in mind then the best results are possible.  If major stakeholders groups are left out then the results will be in favor of those with the most influence.  Those with the most money too often dictate influence.  That will not produce the best for the greater good.   

Most likely there will not be a blog tomorrow because of the very long day in Denver for the festival.  Enjoy and rest on Sunday.