The Divine In Us in Never Fooled By False Beliefs

Yesterday my wife and I went to a darshan (blessing) by a Divine Mother reincarnate named Mother Meera.  She was born in India and lives now in Germany where she spreads her blessings world-wide.  For my wife, it was her first experience at being in the room with “a living Saint.”  I am very blessed to have been to a number of these holy kinds of experiences.  I have sought them out in the pursuit of higher levels of consciousness.  We both felt our hearts touched by Mother Meera and I am sure the other 300-400 people felt her too.  

Mother Meera is touring the US for the next month and she is an experience that would be personally enriching.  Checkout: to see if she will be coming to a town near yours this month.  

Ammachi is another of the Divine Mothers spreading their love and compassion on the planet.  She is known as the Hugging Saint and you can find our more at

The world needs so much of what they have to share.  That same limitless love is in all of us not matter: who we are; where we came from; what our beliefs are; what religion we are a member of; what political party we belong to; or whatever criteria we may have falsely thought mattered.  Yes that endless capacity to love is in you and I.  

If the world could open to the giving and receiving of that love, all the problems would be resolved by our hearts and our consciousness.  

At this heart and wisdom level, politics doesn’t matter but we as a collective consciousness are not there yet.  That is probably already obvious to you.  I suggest we all put down our weapons of righteousness; our false sense of moral superiority; our radical dogma; our blind faith; our endless judging of self and others; our need to control; and whatever other human mind miscalculations are running us.  Instead with an open mind and heart we join forces to put those who would harm out of power and make compassion the rule and consciousness the goal.  

What do you think/feel/intuit about that?