Let's Try Mamisma

Last night I had the great priviledge of listening to the great author Isabel Allende at the new Insight Speakers Series in Denver.  She is an amazing person who says it like she sees it.  Her contention is with 51 percent of the population being women, that same percentage should be in leadership in our government, corporations and organizations.  As long as we put up with the dominance of males this imbalance of power (and the world being a mess of wars etc.) will continue she says.  That was one of the strong points of her talk to a mostly women audience.  As a guy, I cheered her words with the hope that this message of women in power will spread.  Here overall theme was mamisma which she defined as abundant love.  She says the world needs the mamisma to get us unstuck from the same old thinking that represents the present leadership of this country.  

Yesterday I wrote about love vie the Divine Mother, last night the wonderful author Allende emphasized the importance of love.  Love is what will break us through the old and traditional power structures that only support others in influence.  Allende said, “we don’t need revolution, we need evolution.”  

Wake up women, wake up men, wake up from the trance of your life, the old beliefs, the misplaced resentments, the feelings of blame, the past hurts, the conditioning of the past, the ceaseless repetitions of our minds and whatever is spinning inside of us on an endless loop of misinformation and inadequate thought.   

Are you here yet, are you ready yet to be fully alive, alert, and awake?  

Hearts needed, love needed, compassion needed and wisdom needed or the same old unevolved ego driven madness continues.