What Seems Right To You?

The last few days of experiences for me have got me thinking and feeling and tuning in more to the wisdom that flows through me.  I feel so much better when I pay attention inward to all the guidance I need for creating the life I want.  Now what I want to do is come to some kind of enlightenment about the following questions I have:

How come people feel their morality is superior to others?

How come the truth doesn’t matter as long as you think people have the same beliefs you have?

How come people actually avoid other points of view than the ones they believe are right?

How come Republicans hate to be asked questions about what they are doing?

How come accountability of the Executive is something Democrats avoided doing during the Bush/Cheney years?

How come 5% of the people have 90% of the wealth?  Are they better, more deserving people?

How come during an election year politicians say whatever they think people want to hear, even if it isn’t the truth?

How come the media shies away from asking candidates about the lies they speak?

How come the issues of our Nation loose out to the media’s fascination with personalities and opinion?

Do future generation matter to you?  How come it doesn’t seem to matter to many in the conservative point of view?

Should our politicians tell us what are morals should be?  

How come all the scientists of all the countries say we have serious problems with climate change and yet many people choose to believe a few studies financed by energy companies and political organizations that say that planet is not in trouble?

Why is ok to attack those who ask important questions as somehow un-American?

Why does being a prisoner of war who breaks under pressure make you a better leader than someone who is a community organizer helping people in need?

Why does living in Alaska close to Russia make you an expert on what they are doing?

Why do people follow leaders who show no significant qualities of leadership or any seem lacking in real wisdom?

How come corporations are allowed to have so much influence over government policy?

Who in our government actually looks after the needs of the people, for the common good?

Can we really make a difference or are we powerless against the forces of influence?  

Is it ok with you that the oil companies, insurance companies and financial speculators are making huge profits without any real oversight of accountability?

Isn’t the knowing of the human heart a better guide than the mind created beliefs of human beings?  

When will we evolve past the ego driven model of leadership in which dominance and control are the main ways of governing?

Yes I have more questions but this will do for today.  What questions do you have?  What responses to my questions can you share, which will bring some light to these topics for myself and my readers.  Over the next week I will be on vacation mostly up in the mountains in a cabin and not near web access.  After tomorrow my site will be inactive for the better part of a week.  I will leave some interesting sites for you to explore.  Please check back with my blog around September 22-23. 

I am very grateful to you my readers.
  Thank you.  I will be back tomorrow and then back in a week.