Stimulating Ideas While I Go On Vacation

My wonderful wife said I asked too many questions in my post yesterday.  I guess that is because I have so many questions banging around in my head.  I also wanted to ask enough questions so that at least 3-4 provoked your thinking to look deeper into what is going on in the world.  I also knew that I would be gone for a week and these questions can keep you busy for a few days at least.  For me these questions may keep me busy for a few years.  Let me know that you think.  On my wife’s advice, I will not in the future ask as many questions so I don’t overload our brains and cause a breaker to short-circuit.  

I have put together a variety of articles to stimulate your minds, hearts and spirit.  Two are political and several are expansive collection of really cool resources.  Enjoy and explore:

The first article is from Newsweek magazine about the GOP  working to keep eligible African-Americans from voting in several states.

The second source is a progressive site that is always full of very informative articles.

The following are the expansive articles full of lots of interesting and fun things to explore.


Act happy, feel happy, be happy, without a reason in the world. Then you can love, and do what you will.”
Dan Millman

A Reminder: September 21 is International Peace Day.  Spread peace in some way that day.  We will be at the Ft Collins Sustainability Festival promoting peace and selling our peace shirts with our unique designs

(I will be on vacation for the next week and the above resources are to give you some interesting things to explore.  Thanks again for your readership and I will return to my blog on Peace Day. )

Peace and Joy to you,  Joseph