Vacationing Is A Wonderful Thing

We are on vacation up at 8800 feet in an area called Red Feather Lakes in Northern Colorado.  It is so wonderful being in this quiet cabin in the woods.  My wife Bobbi, Pax our dog and myself are slowing down and enjoying life.  It is easy to do when nothing is pressing, there are no appointments, no work to go to or get done.  We three just got up from a nap after a hike through the beautiful nature that surrounds us.  Pax is actually still sleeping.   

Nature slows us down, makes us feel better and more relaxed.
  It has taken a few days to get into the vacation mode.  The always-busy life takes some time to leave behind.  We found a nice little library with wireless, so I thought I would write a blog today.  I realize how much I enjoy writing these posts.

We have been away from the news both the Web and newspapers and it feels good to not be caught up in the chaos.  There is so much drama going on according to the news, yet in the quiet of this place it doesn’t even seem to exist.  Keeping informed seems important but not getting caught up in the drama seems healthier.  I wonder sometimes if all the drama is just a way to avoid sitting quietly with ourselves, out of some kind of fear of who we will discover?  When I have quiet time I find there is a pleasant likeable person worth knowing. How about you, do you hang out with yourself very often?  Do you enjoy your own company?

I am just rambling about letting what comes up out onto my post today.  Yes it is very nice to vacation, there is time to enjoy life, time to slow down, time to be really present with yourself and your life.  I highly recommend taking some time to vacation, to get away from the habit driven life and feel the joy that is present in each moment.

I will be back to write soon.  We will be at the Sustainability Festival In Ft. Collins this weekend.  Stop by Peace Together booth and say hi if you are in the area.  Please take the time to enjoy what you have because it is amazing.