The Milky Way, Moose and Me

The last night of our little retreat was spectacular, as I looked upon the Milky Way feeling both very small and expansive at the same time.  Small because we are part of such a magnificent universe; our planet literally is just a minute dot in the greater scheme of things.  Yet somehow we think of ourselves as so important.  This inflated ego nature, in all of us, is a dysfunction of our thoughts.   I sometime think if people could only see how insignificant and amazing we are then everything would be ok.   The chaos of human life would subside if we could only be both something special and not inflated about it.

Unfortunately most people are not the least acquainted with their amazing nature nor do they realize with genuine humility their true insignificance.  Each of us is so much more than we truly understand.  Our potential is limitless, our ability to be creative knows no limits, our heart can love ceaselessly and without restrictions.  Yes all that possibility is within us.  Instead too much time gets spent trying to pump up the fragile ego, which is often attempting to offset the modeling we received by other fragile egos.  That is human nature yet the evolution of who we can be, makes more possible.  

The greater possibility resides someplace beyond our thoughts and conditioning.  The quantum leap of human understanding seems to be around our true nature.  I invite you to try on the following ideas and to take the next step in your conscious expansion:

•    We are all one, (no matter your beliefs, religious affiliation, nationality, color or sexual preference) interconnected in consciousness, heart, and spirit, constantly exchanging the particles that make up everything.
•    There is an intelligence, a knowing (in you, find it) that is beyond our thinking, that wisdom is free of the ego and our conditioning.
•    This moment each of us can set ourselves free by going beyond the daily dramas, by seeing beyond our limited thinking, and instead reside in our higher nature, which is here in the silence of impartiality.
•    We are all here to love and be joyous, there is no higher calling than expressing these two ways we can be.  

Have a good week.  It sure feels nice to be writing again.

One last reporting:  The other morning up in the mountains, as we prepared to leave for the Sustainability Festival in Ft Collins, we came outside to see a family of four moose in the yard eating away at the leaves.  I have only seen a few moose in my life and that number doubled here only 30 yards away.  They are beautiful creatures and in a moment of realization, I saw we were connected.