Money Can Be A Positive Force, Greed Cannot

It is proving a challenge to not get pulled into the drama of politics.  There is so much going on that needs to be questioned.  If the oldest generation doesn’t question authority then it leaves it to us from the 60’s to speak up, or for those around college age.  Those in the midst of careers and family tend to not speak up.  Those in the upper 5% income are happy as can be and won’t question.   Active engaged citizens are a must for this democracy to survive unchecked capitalism and the greed that drives many of those in charge.  

Money is a wonderful thing but many that have much want a lot more; too many without money settle for little.  What do you want?  Is it ok to be wealthy and use what you have to make a positive difference?  Will you be a better person for having less money?  Will you have less influence with less money?  Money is a positive force for good if it used as that.  

In your life, would you rather have or not have?  Most likely you are like the majority of us who would like more financial resources.  Wanting more resources is a healthy desire to more fully express yourself.  The unhealthy aspect is when money is about your ego, your pride, your need for control, or your unquenchable greed.  

During these really interesting times when money is one of the main issues, our country needs people who are looking out for the people not those who use money for influence and to dominate.  Congress’s job is to look out for the people but from the Reagan era onward, the financial industry have been less and less regulated and the people have gotten the short end of the stick.  

The present US Treasury Secretary Paulson was paid 18.6 Million as an executive by one of the financial services at the time he was nominated to be the Secretary.  Is conflict of interest no longer a concern with Congress?

Yes there are many things to question.  Even diehard capitalist are beginning to wonder if self-regulation isn’t a myth when it is obvious that greed is a more powerful force.  Can anyone truly argue that this is working, letting those who control the flow of money do so without restraint?  The White House proposal supposes that we citizens are ignorant and or unable to see a total sham.  They want us to give the Treasury Secretary 700 billion of dollars to bail out the rich and to be free of any kind of oversight and accountability.  This proposal is by rich people wanting more, not in any way what is best for the country.

Well that is enough of my politics.  I keep on setting my intention to steer away from the politics of this election year but then something outrageous is proposed or stated and I can’t keep my keyboard contained.   What I encourage you to contemplate is that money is neither good nor bad but more what we make of it.  If you use money for the good of your family, community etc than unquestionably it is positive force.  The thoughts and actions of the greedy and the ego driven are a negative force and give money a bad name.

It is more than ok to have lots of money because there are so many ways to use it for the benefit of yourself and others.  Having money comes from allowing the flow in your life.  Allowing starts in your heart, in your mind and comes richly when you are open.  A good practice for abundance is simply to see yourself in the stream of goodness from the Source where all you want and need flows.  In that stream you can imagine wanting something and having it manifest in your life.  This takes some practice but it always works when you find the way to be fully open.