Sing And Have Some Fun

Last night I returned to singing.  This is my second year in the Boulder Handel’s Messiah choir.  I joined this choir because it is a wonderful piece of music and so beautiful to sing.  Singing is so uplifting and energizing.  

What do you do that uplifts you, energizes you, makes you feel alive?  I ask this question because life happens so fast sometimes that we don’t get around to appreciating it or having much fun.  

Here are some activities I suggest you explore and do soon:

•    Take a walk in nature
•    Turn on some favorite music and sing along
•    Go play ping pong, tennis, golf or some other fun games
•    Make love to your partner more often
•    Take a class about something you have wanted to learn about or do like: cooking, writing, dancing, pottery, paper making, journaling, gardening, music appreciation, and an endless number of other options
•    Go for a bike ride and enjoy the fall
•    Rent a humorous film once a week
•    Go out and hear some live music
•    Invite friends over for a discussion about politics, religion and other lively topics
•    Explore ideas that seem foreign but intriguing
•    Go on a retreat to enrich your life
•    Talk to a coach or counselor to encourage further growth
•    Listen to what is calling you inside so you can fully express your uniqueness
•    Be grateful each day for something you take for granted.

I hope you find at least some of these ideas inspirational.  Please leave a comment below with any suggested activities you recommend for enjoying life more fully.

There I did it, not a single comment about what is going on in the drama of politics and this election.  I feel some comments coming right now so I will end today’s blog with this question:  What keeps you from fully loving and accepting yourself today?  Isn’t it time to let that go?  Have a wonderful day.