News, Fall, Learning and Flow

Amy Goodman is a very brave person.  She is always seeking to find out the truth.  If you ever have watched her program Democracy Now or heard her speak, you have no doubt that she is passionate about her country and about the truth.  Her arrest should concern every citizen.  She has been released with her crew but the charges still remain.  I just mentioned her in my blog the other day because I have such respect for the work she does.  Please check out

My intention was to get back to writing about you and I creating the life we desire.  However, the news has been so rich with happenings that invite comments and questions.  So I am sure I will be back for my political comments this week.  

Today here in Boulder, it feels like the first day of Fall.  There is a chilly breeze blowing and the hot weather all of a sudden seems to have gone away.   I find that this time of year helps me focus more because I get into my old rhythm that feels like return to school time.  I spent 7 years in school after my graduation from college so the school pattern is ingrained.  I am also a life-long learner and this time of year I feel the desire to learn and explore new ideas.  Where this desire for learning will take me, I don’t know but I will see what draws me to be explored.  

Two ideas come to me as I write this: one is to further deepen the listening of my intuition and the second is to explore what Source is and how to align with it.  This goes along with what I have been writing about concerning flow and learning the ways of being more open and less effortful.  There is more for me to learn here so I will.  

Today and this week my practice will focus on listening inward, hearing the call of my intuition, my inner guidance system.  I will do that by: paying attention to what I sense; noticing the subtle invitations to go this way or that; attend to the feelings that nudge me in a new direction; listen to the whispers of knowing that are always there; honor the wisdom of my heart; and be available to any signs that may show up along the way.  

Are you willing to try this too?  You always have the guidance you need inside and all you have to do is show interest and it will become clearer.  Give this a try this week and let me know how it goes.  I will do the same.