New Vibrant Leadership Needed

The Republican convention got going tonight and frankly it seemed kind of flat.  This is not a party of inspiration but more of holding on to what they define as traditional values.  The trouble may be that these so called values are not at the top of the list for the majority of Americans.  As Joe Leiberman said tonight this is a very critical election and he talked about the leadership coming together in a bipartisan way to bring solutions to the problems of this nations.  That is a great idea and one promised by the President when he came into office.  That did not happen.

Now we are being asked to put the country first as a theme of this convention.  Have the needs and concerns of people been the top priority of the past eight years?   It does appear the needs and concerns of the very rich have been served but the rest of us have been left to fend for ourselves.  

I don’t know about you, but I prefer a government that helps the people not burdens them with war, debt and rising costs and concerns.  That is what I am looking for in leadership, not the same old thing in a new package of misinformation.

Ok in a perfect world we would all come together and work out what needs to be worked out.  That will not happen in our world as long as those that “have,” refuse to give an inch and instead place the burdens of this nation on those who do not have.  This can only happen in a world where the care, safety, health and well-being of everyone matters.  Are we there yet?  No yet and it will take some awakening to get to this expanded way of thinking.  

Let’s shrink this whole big project of a better America down to what you and I can do.  We can vote for people with vision and imagination.   We can support people who know what is most important to the majority of people.  We can make sure every citizen’s right to vote is protected and that they vote.  We can insist on voting machines with a paper trail.  We can give our time and ideas to campaigns we believe in locally, statewide and nationally.  We can quit complaining about what isn’t working and do something positive and productive.  And we can stop the insistence on struggle and open to a better world that is free of the good old traditional suffering encouraged by the religions of the world.  

This better world is where people of foresight and insight explore the best ways and inspirations so that we all have what we need and even more.  There is plenty for everyone and there is no need for greed, no need to control, no fear for safety because everyone has what is necessary.

How about you?  Are you ready for something different?  Are you ready for a better way?  Are you ready to keep everyone in mind and heart as you join together to make the world what it can and wants to be?  

Are you ready to commit to:

•    Believing in the goodness of all things
•    Not making suffering your goal
•    Having fun and real joy
•    Having an open mind
•    Having an open heart
•    Caring about all others
•    Going downstream with ease toward the life you want
•    Letting go and move on from the past
•    Taking full responsibility for your life and the nation
•    Playing more and being less serious
•    Enjoying all that is possible
•    Accepting yourself just as you are
•    Giving up your self-pity
•    Going for what you want
•    Expressing yourself with passion and creativity
•    Feeling grateful for all you have
•    Understanding your Higher nature and purpose
•    Living the truth that you are One with the Source of all
•    Loving, in every way you can, everyday

Then you will be free and so will all of us.