Sarah Can Speak But Wait To See What She Believes

Tonight the talk Sarah Palin gave was well done even if it was inaccurate about Obama and that it didn’t addressed any of the important social issues of our nation.  She can deliver a speech much better than her running mate Senator McCain.  She deserves a real round of applause for the job she did.  It is her far right religious ideas that are scary.  As long as she can avoid letting the majority of the country know what she thinks, she will be an asset in this election.  The next two months will inform us all a lot about how well she can hide her real points of view.

Like Governor Palin, we all have things that we believe that stand us apart from Main Street.  We all have the right to believe and act as we choose to as long as it does no harm.  Some of Governor Palin’s beliefs can and will do harm:  
•    She wants creationism taught in school, which will make our students less prepared for the real world.  
•    She denies the existence of Global Climate change, which will harm us and our planet.  
•    She refused to fund sex education and we all know the results of that.  
•    She wants to open Alaska to the oil companies, which we know will wreak havoc on that pristine environment and generate huge profit for themselves while not lowering the price of gas.  
•    She has her husband involved in many of her meetings as Governor as if they are co-leading their state.
•    She wants to take away the rights of women to choose what is right for their own bodies.  
•    She wants to remove the individual rights of gay people.
•    She wants to let God take care of the War in Iraq, which may be right because the president claims God wanted him to start it.  

The more you look the more you have to question this fine speaker being one heart beat away from leading this country.  Again it is about seeing beyond the surface, it is about finding the truth beyond the words.  

Why do people in power especially those in the GOP dislike it so much when the media asks them questions.  As soon as they get uncomfortable questions they refuse to go on Larry Kind and blame the Liberal Media.  The Media is not liberal it is corporate, which would tend to be more Republican.  The fact is those in power in this party hate to be held accountable and anyone that tries to question them is labeled to distract from what they don’t want to talk about.

Yikes I have been on a ranting tonight.  My wife and I were sitting there agreeing that we have gotten too involved in all the political energy and chaos of this election year.  Yes we want to be involved and informed but we also need to be relaxed and willing to spend more time in quiet contemplation, which has got to be more productive than obsessing about the latest political news.  We realize that this election is very important and yet if we want peace, we have to be peaceful.

Have a good day, stay informed and be peaceful.