Hero McCain Is Good Person, Not leader For Tomorrow

It is Friday and I didn’t want to talk politics but the convention ended last night and I had to share some thoughts.  The first is that Sarah Palin is very ambitious and she will say whatever it takes to win no matter what she claims her values to be.  John McCain will not allow her to be interviewed and she will only give prepared talks.  There are real dangers if she starts talking about what she believes.  

Last night John McCain stepped up to the microphone and gave a speech that told his story, which is compelling if you like war heroes and showed his dislike for the last eight years.  I left feeling more positive about the person he is but not at all inspired to vote for him and what seems like it will be four more years of the same old elitist GOP politics.  I had hoped for more expanded ideas so this election could be about who has the best strategies for change.  I heard little in the way of inspiration but there was compassion for his country.  He was a brave man but not the leader I want at this low point in our history.  

What do you think now that you have heard the two candidates for President?  Who do you feel can lead us out of the rut we are in?  Who do you think represents the changes needed after this sorry administration leaves office?  Can there really be victory in our occupation of Iraq?  How can anyone say there will be victory for the Iraqi people when there has been such incredible loss?  

Yes I agree with McCain when he said, we need to get involved.  If we don’t like the way things are going then it is up to us to do something about it.   Do you feel like you have something to offer?  What will you do to make a positive difference?  Whoever wins, they will need everyone’s help to get us and our nation out of the hole these 8 years have put us in.  I very much disagree with the McCain theme of fight, fight, fight.  That was the theme of Bush, Cheney and Rove and it got us into a huge mess.  

It is time for change and Senator McCain is best left in the Senate where he can again return to be a maverick instead of the Bush clone he sounds like since trying to become our next leader.  We need inspired leadership, who can think outside the box, have a heart of compassion, and the wisdom of an open mind.  

TGIF and enjoy the weekend.   

A note about the Republican mockery of Obama’s work as a community organizer: Community organizing is about ordinary people responding to out-of-touch politicians and their failed policies.