Heart, Breath, Quiet, Slow Down

Hope you are having a good Saturday.  Yesterday was dreary here and I am not ready yet for fall.  Of course I am never ready for fall especially here in Colorado where things can turn cold fast.  In Santa Barbara, where I use to live, this is often the nicest time of year.  I like it when the sun shines and the days are warm.

I have been writing about politics lately because it seems there is much to think about.  Today, however, I am going to return to writing about living in the downstream flow of life.  The other day I talked about listening to your intuition.  Today I want to help you do that more effectively.  The best ways that I know how to turn up the volume of the intuition include: breathing, slowing down, being quiet, and tuning in to your heart.

The breath is wonderful tool for tuning in to your inner guidance.  If right now you took a few minutes to simply notice the flow of the breath in and out of your body, you would naturally find yourself becoming more aware.  In this moment of awareness, you can listen for the intuition.  Sometimes it will be clear and other times the noticing of your breath will simply center you in the present.  The more you practice breathing with awareness the more you will hear the inner messages that can guide you downstream to the effortless and joyous life you want.

The next practice is slowing down, the breath can be a helpful part of this practice.  Slowing down means taking you out of the speedy life most people live.  You can go sit on a bench in the park, turn on some quiet music and lie down on your couch, relax in a hot bath, drink an ice tea in your garden, go for a relaxed walk at night.  There are many relaxing activities that break the cycle of hurry and worry.  Every day should include some time to slow down and be in the now where you can be free of rushing and doing.  In that slowed down space the intuition can come knocking and the downstream action can be clearly presented.

The world we live in can be noisy and overwhelming.  Being quiet is about leaving the chaos of the world and instead sitting, lying or moving quietly.  Meditation, tai chi and yoga can all be quieting practices.  Sitting on a comfortable chair and just being quiet with no TV, CD’s or Radio or other distractions can allow you to find you inner voice and actually hear it.  There is always guidance available if you are available to hear it and being quiet makes you receptive.  In the quiet moment listen to the guidance of the knowing flow in you.

Your heart is amazing because it knows no limits in its capacity to love. 
If your heart is paid attention to, it can always show you how to open to love, how to expand your self-love, and how to reach out to the world with compassion.  Your heart is fountain of intuitive knowing waiting to show you the light of love.  Let you heart guide you, let it show you the way to your fullest expression of self and purpose.  A passionate heart is an energy generator that has the capacity to light up the world.  Listen inward to the heart’s wisdom and you will make a real difference in whatever you do.

I hope you find these four intuitive pathways helpful.  Please drop me a line here at the blog if you have any questions about these paths or anything else that has you wondering.  I will call on my intuition to respond.  Enjoy your day, enter the flow and have fun.