Do You Question Your Thoughts?

What is on your mind today?  The reason I am asking is because your thoughts shape your experience of life.  I have been wrestling with my thoughts in the realm of politics and know they shape my experience of politics.  I think we are in a mess in this country, are we?  I think the leadership for the last 8 years was a disaster, was it?  I think those in the middle class have been totally neglected by those in power for too long, am I wrong in thinking that?

I ask these questions because I always ask myself about what I am thinking.  I occasionally hear a thought that represents an old point of view from my upbringing.  I examine those old conditioned thoughts so I can update them.  What old conditioned thoughts do you still have?  Which ones need updating?  

Have people forgot to ask themselves questions?  What if you actually believed everything you thought?  Seems like you would be a mess.  Thoughts are not real; they are only thoughts.  Every thought is just a thought and no more than that.  Every thought needs to be questioned.  

How come people blindly follow other people’s thoughts when there are just thought.  People actually believe without questioning what ministers tell them, what politicians say, what talk show and news opinion people sound off about.  Their words are simply their thoughts with no more reality than any other thoughts.   

This is always even clearer to me during an election year where so much is said that should be questioned.  Politicians say things to get your approval and don’t seem to be limited by the need to be truthful.  This is clear to me when I hear a minister/priest speak because I know they are just spokespersons for an organization driven by beliefs that should be examined.  This is clear watching all the pundits, so called experts, which frankly are just a bunch of questionable thoughts.  Think Fox News, which isn’t even news but full of bias and ideological slant.  How could anyone actually believe any thought shared by that network?

How come people seek out others to re-enforce their own thinking?  I do that and so do you.  I guess at some level we understand that are thoughts are not real and we are seeking validation?  I suspect all of us still need some further understanding about why we try to only listen to those who agree with us.  

I found watching the Republican Convention to be difficult because there was so much opinion against my thoughts.  I did find myself expanding my thinking as I watched and listened.  It was a good thing for me to listen to others with such a different viewpoint.   Frankly I was not very persuaded but I did see that these politicians actually seemed to believe their own thoughts.  I think that is dangerous for them and for us all.  

If you don’t question your thoughts, if our leaders don’t question their thoughts than our nation is in great danger.  Without questioning our thoughts, we have a country of sheeple run by the delusions of those that actual think they know what is best but have no ability to wonder if they are right or wrong.