Follow The Intuitive, Question The Thought

Yesterday I suggested you question your thoughts and the day before I had you pay attention to your intuition.  There is a method in my madness.  First that thoughts can’t be trusted because they are just thoughts.  Secondly, you might wonder, what can you trust?  Your intuition, your higher knowing can be trusted because they come from a place in you beyond the mind.  

Yes the mind is a real asset but it is not the ultimate source of wisdom or consciousness, nor is it who you are.  The mind is more like the processing unit of the stimuli/memory in your life.  The mind is logical but not necessarily correct.  Your thoughts can fool you or lead you astray.  Thoughts can be driven by conditioning, by habit, and by what is familiar.  That is why thoughts need to be questioned often.  

On the other hand your intuition, your higher wisdom is not from the mind.  It is most often from your body (gut), your feeling heart, and your expansive spirit.  These aspects of you are not bound by the past, by what you have learned, or by the ego’s need to control.  Intuition is your source of creativity, compassion, purpose and inspiration.  What else really matters?  Clear thinking is not always clear but clear knowing is.

This week make it your goal to distinguish thoughts from intuition.  Thoughts are an endless stream inside of you.  Intuition is a quiet knowing that is there when you want guidance.  Your intuition can lead you toward your fullest expression, your thinking can sometimes keep you spinning in a closed feedback loop.  Intuition feels right in your body and heart and often makes sense at a level beyond logic.  Explore and see what else you can learn.

The great reliance in the Western world on logic and thinking is over rated.  This emphasis on thinking is often at the cost of the heart.  Especially in the US, men are taught to rely on their thinking and to ignore their feelings.  This is what keeps so many men ignorant of what is really going on.  Without feelings and heart, the mind has no real base in what is real.  Feelings and intuition are much better guides for the relationships that matter.  

Enjoy your week and let your heart shine in your interactions.