Closed Minds And False Beliefs

How come people are so set on holding to their beliefs?  What is wrong with questioning what you think to see if it is true?  Isn’t science about questioning what is known?  Isn’t innovation about asking how to do things differently?  New businesses are started every day based on questioning what is and how to do it better or more successfully.  The whole space program has been about going beyond what we thought possible.  Cures for disease is always about looking for new solutions many of which happen by changing thinking.  Sports is a great example of a superior team being defeated by one that doesn’t let the polls get in their way of winning despite the odds (last night my undergrad Oregon State beat the heavily favored USC in college football).  

Yet people still hold fiercely to what they believe is right, how come?  Several clear examples are in politics.  Many people still believe the false information promoted by Fox Network that Saddam Hussein was involved in the attacks on 9/11.  The President and VP and others started the lie and Fox played it over and over.  Now Bush has said Hussein was not involved and so did a Special Investigative Bi-Partisan Committee come up with the same conclusion.  But people still refuse to give up this false belief.  

Another example is the lie that Barack Obama is a Muslim.  This misinformation has been restated so many times that people belief it.  This is not true yet those that believe seem to also believe he is part of a worldwide movement by Muslims to run the world.  Yes, there are very misguided Muslims but most are loving people just like you and me.  Did you receive a DVD in your paper about the Muslim world take over?  This fear generation piece of nonsense was produced by Karl Rove and associated.  As I have said often before, the use of fear has been used for centuries to control the people.  

This “emergency” financial crisis that Bush and crew want to bail out is another one of those fear driven situations.  They are trying to buffalo the people into thinking this idea of helping these poorly run companies is a really essential to saving us from disaster.  Actually this is for one purpose, as far as I can see, and that is for making rich people richer at our expense.  This is just foolish to belief another bunch of falsely drummed up fear to manipulate us.  They have cried wolf and started the war in Iraq, started torturing prisoners, started spying on us, started give huge no-bid contracts to their friends, started suppressing opposition, started taking away more of our rights, now they want to start a socialistic corporate financing on the backs of us taxpayers.  Frankly I have had enough of taking it on the backside, how about you?

So what will it take to ask what the heck is going on?  How come we are going to give billions of dollars to these wealth companies and their rich CEO’s?  How come this unnecessary war is still going on?  How come Congress just sits there and lets this all go on?  What happened to the US budget that was in great shape when Clinton left office?  How can one president be such an incredible wrecking ball on our country and we let it happen?  That is the power of fear.  Do we want to be run by fear?

This is all about questioning our beliefs.  If we don’t go looking for the truth we may not find it and spend our lives limiting ourselves by what we think is true and it isn’t.  You know if tomorrow you found out clearly that eating the fattest ice cream would make your heart stronger and you would live longer, you would go to the store and load up and enjoy.  That old belief about high fat, sweet food being bad for you, would be tossed in a minute.   Beliefs are just thoughts and they can be changed on a dimeMake sure your not betting on a belief that is false and detrimental to you, your family, and your nation.  Ask and be informed and everyone will be better off.