The Debate and Alan Watts

How do you feel the debates went?  Obama seemed very well prepared to talk about all the issues.  McCain was prepared too.  I thought there were a couple of things that stood out to me.  One was that McCain seems focused on the past and his only statement about what he would do different is to cut the budget.  That will mean four more years of the same except less for programs that are really needed.  We need to move forward with progressive thinking not hold on to what is not working.

The second point is that he refused to look at Obama and seemed kind of mad.  This got me thinking is he just mad at Obama for questioning his right to be president or is he sadly too arrogant and thinks he is superior to Obama.  I for one have had enough arrogance from Bush and Cheney to last a lifetime.  Why do you think he was so uncivil?

That is enough comments for my busy Saturday.  We are promoting peace at market next to the Farmers Market today in Boulder.  I must be off so I want to leave you with this nice little animation, which includes the wisdom of Alan Watts.  Enjoy your first weekend of fall.  Here it is a very nice day.  

Peace, consciousness and joy to you on this sunny day.