Sunday, Politics, True Nature

How are you this Sunday as the world of politics and finance seem to be in an uproar?  The Web is a great place to go to get a variety of perspectives on how to view all that is going on.  Take some time to go exploring.  Even Saturday Night Live has jumped into the politics of one of the Vice Presidential Candidates.  

There is much to sort through if you for some reason are undecided about who to vote for.  The bailout talks are heading the way of oversight by Congress but over the past eight years they have provided almost no oversight in times it was badly needed.  Changes are needed that are thoughtful, innovative, progressive and compassionate.  Without those positive changes look for more of the same collapse we have suffered through in this administration.  Does anyone really feel our nation is better off now compliments of deregulation and the war in Iraq?

That’s enough politics for today.  Returning from vacation, I jumped right back into my life, work, blogging and exercise.  I love almost all that I do but I have been busy from getting up in the morning until I drop into bed to sleep.  That busyness is something I enjoyed breaking away from on vacation.  My goal was to have time each day to break the cycle of go, do, more, and instead I got back on the habit train.  The slowing down has happened working on my sore shoulder that is getting better but needs to be pushed to the pain limits.  That, believe me, is not really slowing down.

Today is a Sunday, and I commit to some time for quiet contemplation, meditation and relaxation.  I want to build that into each day.  My goal this week is to take timeouts each day for my mind, body, heart and spirit.  The benefit of slowing down and relaxing is that in those quiet moments, we can actually return to our true nature.  This nature is calm, connected to all things, expansive in heart, open in mind, one with source, peaceful, and joyous in who we are and what is possible.  This is where I want to be.  

Checkout the following simple practice to assist you in achieving your natural state of expansion:  Find a comfortable place to sit and begin to follow the inhale and exhale of your breath.  As your thoughts come, let them go, and return to paying attention the cycle of the breath.  As feeling come up, acknowledge them and then return to the breath. 

Do this mindful practice for 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes at least once each day.  If you do this practice daily for one week, you will know the benefits.  

I will give you more practices to try in the weeks to come.  Be calm, sit in silence, listen inward, and be the love, joy and peace that are inside of you.