Open Yourself To Success

The ideas I have been sharing lately are ones I am working on also. What I invite you to look at are things I too am exploring. Life is always a learning project if it is to feel alive and worth living. You and I have the best ideas available, now it seems we need to get out of our own way. The part or parts of you and me that needs to change can often be something that we are unaware or something we see but don’t quite know how to change.

This change process takes awareness before new and better choices can be made. Here are some possible blocks and ways to increase awareness and the choices you have:

• You have old beliefs that are holding you back. Take a look at the beliefs you hold on to that are no longer serving you or feel ready to change. “Not deserving” is a belief many of us learned which is simply not true. Explore what beliefs are stopping you now and change them to free yourself today.
• You have ideas about the way things should be and that is getting in your way. Is wanting to be in control is one of those ideas that get in your way? Let go of thoughts that make you feel out of control and instead go with the flow.
• You may have thoughts that everything must be hard work or it won’t happen. If that is your thought, you are right and nothing will come easily. Change that set of thoughts immediately or everything will be a grind. Focus more on having fun.
• You may have quiet little viewpoints that unconsciously don’t allow you to have what you want. These are learned and not true but you may have to listen very carefully inside to hear them. As best as you can make the unconscious, conscious. Unconscious ideas can be offset by powerfully positive thoughts and emotions,
• You may have a bunch of negative emotions rambling around inside. Do you get angry easily, or you are impatient often? Maybe you feel depressed and want to blame others for what is going on in your life. These negative emotions attract more negative experiences. Time to let go and move on to being positive.
• You may have limited ideas about who you are that you picked up when you were a child. These ideas need updating. They could have been decisions you made about life which are not true. Do you believe in yourself, that you have a purpose, and that you have all the skills necessary to succeed? Be positive about yourself; believe in who you are.
• You may have limiting self-talk that keeps repeating itself and blocking new and expansive ways of being in the world. All your inner dialogue needs to be supportive and encouraging. When you catch yourself talking in negative ways inside, stop those thoughts and change them to ones that inspire the best in you.

You can remove all your blocks through self-awareness. Take the time necessary to open the passageway and let the flow go. This freedom will feel great and the results will be wonderful.