Positive Outlook Will Create Positive Results

If you have recently started reading my blog thank you for stopping by. My numbers have been growing and I am excited. New readers may not have come upon my more political oriented posts, which I regularly write. The reason for my non-political emphasis lately is that I have been focused for the New Year on my positive mental and emotional state and politics can be very challenging to keep a positive frame of mind.

A case in point of the inherent negativism is President Elect Obama who is already getting criticism from everyone who has an opinion and he is not even in office yet. We all have opinions but for many of the so-called experts seem to feel the need to be right and let their ego’s strut about. I have come to the place that I try to ignore most opinion and instead find my own truths by listening in and feeling. I use to listen to Air America because I liked their slant on things but lately most seem to be just ego’s on display. Al Franken was very good when he was on that network with humor and truth seeking. He will make a great Senator because he is a very thoughtful person.

I am rambling about I just realized so let me see if I can get to my point. The best way to see how President Obama is doing is to see the results he creates. There are so many things wrong after the last 8 years of horrendous leadership. Obama’s task almost seems impossible but I believe greatly in us humans to rise to the occasion. This must be a government in which the people get back involved. If we don’t there will just be more years of the same corrupted power.

We are at a very transformative moment in human history. We can continue down the path of planetary destruction and the elimination of the middle class / power in the hands of the few or we can alter the course. It is really up to you and I and everyone.

My choice is to continue to write and be as involved as I can be in encouraging all of us to make a positive difference. I will emphasize a positive difference and do my very best to be focused on solutions instead of problems. Please excuse my occasional rant. The positive emphasis is because I personally don’t want to be in the energy of blaming, complaining, and spreading fear, which is counterproductive and self-destructive to one’s personal life.

In this next year I suggest we all look forward positively and take action that makes productive things happen. Let’s focus on where we want to go not on the mistakes of the past. Really redirecting our nation and the planet is going to take the best and most optimistic part of us to succeed.

The key questions seem to be: can we be compassionate enough; can we have enough patience; will we gain enough understanding; and what is for the good of all people and the planet?