You Can Blow Those Doors Off

You are now two weeks into the New Year. Are you noticing any results or at least feel like you are getting closer to making things happen? Yes you have many years of limiting yourself with your beliefs, thoughts and emotions, with you determined action, with your habitual behavior and yet you may sense that just on the back side of these imaginary doors is access to a real breakthrough.

You are right about the infinite possibilities so close waiting for you to invite them into your life. This is not a game set up by some sinister Divine Force, some psychological hang-up or the misbelief about you deserving. No it is not about luck or a miracle.

What often holds the abundant flow you desire from happening can be an inability to know how to open up, how to go with the flow, how to reach beyond the logic and open the door with your heart and the focus of your mind. Let this set of ideas settle and feel your response.

Now back away from the years of effort, the years of the same story, the years of quiet disappointment and gently remove the ego from the equation. Set yourself free of the need of approval, of the trance of societal conditioning, of the deep groove of a habit driven life.

Look inward and listen to a much greater wisdom than effort and logic. There in you is a profound knowing beyond the practical. Rest there until you are guided by the energy of consciousness flowing from your higher self. At that moment let any crystal clear knowing bubble up and be present to feeling your way to where you want to go.

This may all sound a little woo-woo to you. It should because it comes from a place in you beyond your rational mind. That is exactly where real shifts happen. When from beyond the mind, you are able to raise your vibrations of desire; you can make what you want possible. From this place you can you create amazing results.

Quiet now and listen. There is more than enough purpose, passion and power to blow any doors off that may be keeping you from what it is you desire.