Yes! Yes! Yes!

It has been cold here in Colorado lately as it has in many parts of the country. As I get older, I find myself less than enthusiastic about the winter and the freezing temperatures. I read on My Yahoo page that the weather in Santa Barbara is supposed to be 75 degrees today and tomorrow. I use to live there and this time of year I really miss it. I will return there someday soon.

I started to imagine how it would feel to be on a walk along the beach on a warm sunny day. My imagination changed how I felt as if I was there in person. That power of my mind created very positive emotions, which made be feel good. As I was feeling excited about this walk in my mind, my body began to feel energized, my face was covered with a smile; I felt excited about being there as if I really was.

This is the power of the mind to alter my experience in an amazing way. You have that power to alter your life experience in the moment by focusing on where you want to be, doing what you want to do. Instead of riding my bike across the patches of ice I went walking along the beach in my mind. Which is more real, the beach or the ice roads? I would argue that my beach walk was just as real to me as the cold winter day here.

There is a great power for creation in this experience of my mind. If I truly want to alter my life, I have to go there first in my imagination. Where do you want to be and what do you want to experience? Go there now by trying this visualization, please adapt this to meet your needs:

Take a few moments to just allow yourself to breathe in a relaxed way. Notice the inhale of the breath and them follow the exhale. Do this breathing with awareness for 10 relaxed breaths.

Now imagine you being some place you want to be, let your senses take you there by seeing this place, hearing this place, smelling this place, tasting this place, and feeling this place. Sense this place and the experience you want to have as best as you can and they say, YES! YES! YES! with your whole body. Feel this place and what you are doing with every particle of your being.

Now feel the emotions of this place or situation. Feel the joy of being there, the excitement of the experience, the pleasure of the senses, the freedom of enjoying what you want, the love you have for the moment. YES! YES! YES!

Now feel the relief of being the creator of this experience, feel the power of being in charge of your own life, feel the effortless flow that is possible, feel a life free of worry and full of what you want. YES! YES! YES!

The more you think positive feelings and experiences, the more you will create them in your life. If you are happy and excited about your life you will attract more experience that make you feel happy and excited. Try this every day for one month and each day imagine that you are getting closer and closer to what you want. Sense the breakthroughs, notice the opening of your mind, feel the expanding passion of your heart.

***Today is the Birthday of one of my real heroes Martin Luther King.  Please take a moment to imagine the force he was inside of you.*** 

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