Martin Luther Kings’s Mission and Barack Obama’s Challenge

Yesterday was Martin Luther King’s birthday as I mentioned. He lived an incredible life that inspired many of us. His legacy has made it possible for Barack Obama to become our next president. I am unsure what kind of president he will turn out to be but I suspect a very good one. MLK transformed our nation from hate filled bias to a slow acceptance of differences. Obama has an equal challenge; to change the government driven by fear to one that is guided by hope.

This is not an easy task. Washington DC and both parties are fear driven because they lack the awareness or the courage to question the status quo, to go beyond the drive of the ego for power and control. Banks, Insurance Companies, Financial Services, Power and Oil Companies, Drug Companies and many other corporations seek power and control often through the use of fear. Many of our major institutions including the American Cancer Society, Churches, Military, Homeland Security, CIA and others gain power and influence through fear.

Offsetting the powerful influences of fear and the call to have power will take the work of all of us. If hope was the guiding force and compassionate action the solution, we would not need power and control and many corporations and institutions would loose influence. If hope guided us and we cared for all those who needed help, food, a home and health care, terrorism would fall to the wayside. This better world is possible if we decide it is what we want.

Hope is about finding solutions, about living in a compassionate world, about realizing we are all connected to each other, about raising consciousness, and about evolutionary progress. This has never been tried because too many have lacked the courage to believe in humankind.

MLK said equal rights was the higher moral ground and he lead us there. Today compassionate action is the higher moral ground and the right of every human being and we need to lead ourselves there.

Please take to heart the importance of us being here on Earth at this important moment. Is it by accident that you and I are alive at this pivotal point in our nation and planet’s history? Or could it be that each of us has a destiny to do something that is beyond ourselves and for the good of all? Look and listen inside. What is it that you are here to do? Are you ready to begin? Let this day of the inauguration of President Obama also be the day we all agree to do our best for all people of the planet.