Confidence Is Needed In Us And Our Nation

Lately I have been writing about the importance of our thinking in shaping our life experience. What seems essential in these times is that we have hope and that we find our confidence again. This needed confidence is both true inside of us and as a nation. Please explore these ideas and give them a try and then watch as you change your own life.

• You are the creator of your own experience. No matter what is going on, you decide at some level how to think and feel about it. So if the economic looks to be in trouble, you can let your fear thoughts run you or take control of your thoughts and be excited about being part of challenging times and figure out how to prosper despite the news.
• How you feel will affect the outcome. If you feel confident, trust and believe in yourself, you will be successful. If you have hope you can find the place in you that knows where to find solutions.
• Confidence comes from listening inward and being guided by your higher knowing, which is usually not your thoughts. Thoughts are just words and too often faulty ideas and incorrect beliefs. The deeper knowing is in your heart or from your spirit.
• When you live your life from your heart, guided by compassion and seek understanding your confidence will grow. The more you search for your own truth the more you learn to trust yourself.
• Positive thoughts also support your confidence. If your thoughts are hopeful, supportive and encouraging of who you are, you will be more self-assured
• On a national level, the more people have hope, the more confidence they will have in the government. Confidant governance by the people is the best possible outcome.
• When the government and the institutions gain the confidence of the people then positive change is on the way. If people believe again in the financial institutions then the economy will improve. Consumer confidence is a positive indicator.
• When the nation as a whole believes it is heading in the right direction then the people feel more hopeful. A confidant citizenry is able to come up with solutions for all the challenges of a country.
• If all the people on the planet had hope that all their basic needs can be met then all the roots of terrorism would be eliminated. This is global confidence and the way to a peaceful world.

Confidence is important and each of us needs to find our own and together we can grow our government, nation and planet in healthy and positive ways.

Please share your thoughts about how you grow your confidence and how we can better grow the confidence of our nation. 

Are you confident in President Obama to lead us in a positive and hopeful direction?  I am more confident in his presidency than any other in my lifetime.  I have hope, will you join me?