Optimism Sweeps The Nation

My headline was borrowed from The Huffington Post today. The polls all show that mass majority of people feel hopeful about the change in leadership, about the Obama Presidency. The past 8 years have been very unenlightened and driven by fear. People everywhere in this country of ours are feeling positive and hopeful about more awakened leadership. The following are eight qualities that would be excellent to further develop in ourselves and in our government to help bring out the best in us.

1. The expansion of consciousness is needed. We can no longer sleep walk and let others decide for us. We must be fully awake and involved using our best and brightest qualities.
2. The realization of connection is important. We are all connected to each other on this planet. If there is hunger, homelessness, or the lack of care anywhere, we all suffer. Acts of terror are the result of the lack of caring.
3. There is an essential need for compassion. Our hearts have the answers to the world problems. If we are guided by compassion in all we do, then great things will happen.
4. Freedom must be a priority. Every human being innately wants to be free. All governments and institutions must be guided by the principle of expanding freedom if the human potential is to be realized. This freedom will be guided by genuine self-responsibility at all levels.
5. Hope must be the guiding force. There is in every person unlimited possibilities that can only come out through hope and belief in who they are. Fear contracts a person and hope opens them up in mind, heart and spirit.
6. There is no greater indicator of true success than joy. Joy lets us know we are headed in the right direction. If we live our lives to be joyous then all will work out for the better.
7. Human expansion and expression is needed. We humans feel best when we are growing and expressing who we are. All of the solutions the world needs will come through the expansion of the human heart and mind.
8. What is for the good for all the people must be the basic question. The seeking of truth and the care of the planet and of each other, have to always be in the equation if America is to be great again.

What would you add to this list? What qualities are you working on now in your life? Where do you feel the greatest hope in yourself and in humankind? Are you ready to join the excitement and momentum of true and significant change? You are needed more than you may ever realize.