From King To Obama

Today and tomorrow are very special days as we transition from, Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream. . . . . . . .” to the reality of Barack Obama becoming president of the United States. That dream was an inspiration for many of us who care about what is right, who believe in equality, who are guided by higher values. It feels good to be moving forward again, to be focused again on hope and positive change.

MLK walk the planet with a clear purpose and we have all benefited from his passionate intention. Barack Obama entered into politics to make a difference, now he finds himself in the highest office in the land. If we help him, we too will benefit from his clarity of purpose and determined intention. MLK was successful because many people joined him and made his movement a success. The same will be true for Barack Obama if we make this a collective effort.

What kind of purpose do you have inside that has the potential to dream big, to act with the highest intentions, and to make the world a better place? Can you feel inside of you the collective consciousness of all humans who have made a difference on the planet? This inner source of wisdom and purposeful action resides in you. If you listen quietly inside, you will hear the call to your own greatness.

It is never too late to blossom into the potential waiting to be expressed in you. Make 2009 the year that you live by your higher calling, be guided by your heart, let your creative expression flow, awaken each day as fully as you can, free yourself from any limiting beliefs, and be filled with joy.

Take time to celebrate being a human being these next few days because we are all part of the forces for positive change. Enjoy and express your aliveness for there is reason to have hope again.