President Obama , Yes We Can

We now have a new president and he is about hope and positive change. President Barack Obama is partnering with all Americans to move this country back toward health and a return to greatness. The people are what make a nation great and good leadership can make a very big difference.

What do we the people have to do to realize out own greatness? How can we make our nation healthy again? What needs happen in us so we can be part of making the world a better place?

First we must remind ourselves that there is so much yet to be expressed in us and it is time to step up to the plate. We all have been waiting for this moment, it is destiny.

Second we have to take full responsibility for moving the nation towards how we want it to be. No more blaming or complaining is allowed. The politicians represent us and if they are not then we need to let them know clearly what they are to do..

Third we need to find where our purposeful interests lie and get involved in doing something that has meaning to us. Where you have passion, you can help bring about positive change. What makes you feel joy inside is a guide.

we need to listen to our hearts and return to being a compassionate person. The head too often can’t be trusted, but our hearts are very reliable. Love is a powerful healer.

Fifth we are best when we feel free to be ourselves and joyous in what we do. Stop trying to please others, be kind in our relationships but stop seeking everyone’s approval because it keeps us from being who we really are.

Now move into action and make a commitment on this important day in history to do things of great meaning with your life. You have a mission, only you can do it and it must start today.

Enjoy the wonder of this day, the beauty of all these human beings coming together to alter the course of our history. You and I are part of a huge shift and it feels so good when thing feel hopeful.