From This Day Forward

Yesterday was such an exciting day and now today it’s time to get to work. This however is not the regular work of grind and struggle, this is the work of new directions, of ingenuity, of the great will of a nation that has gone off course and now seeks a new direction. The President’s speech was not one of celebration but of purpose, intention, and the call for the collective energy and will power of each one of us. This inaugural day will long be remembered as the day the people returned to power.

Do you feel the momentum of these last few days and are you now ready to ride this wave toward creating the life and world you want? You and the rest of us need to get on board and make the best of this window of opportunity.

People all over the world joined in our celebration because they recognize the seismic shift that has taken place in America. That shift was not only for Americans but also for everyone around the world who still believe in our country; a nation that is about real freedom, great opportunity, and true prosperity available to every citizen.

At every level real change is knocking at the door of the establishment in DC saying the old ways must go out with the ideas of this past administration. The ways of fear, power, control and greed must be put aside. Instead the brother and sisterhood of all humankind must assert themselves guided by the principles of compassion and understanding to push away from the table of fear and embrace the hope in our hearts at this moment in time.

There is no going back to the ideas of the past right or wrong. There is only going forward in search of the light of higher human expression. This is the light of open hearts, of human potential, of the soaring spirit within all of us. This is the light of a life guided by joy and tempered by the many growthful challenges of today.

From this day forward let only the brightest of lights guide you and together with President Obama a new day will dawn unlike any before and we will witness a true human transformation.