Feel the Joy of Freedom

The close of January is coming quickly, how are you doing at getting your life going in the direction you want it to go? What successes have you had? What are you doing that is working? How is your life shifting for the better? What are you most grateful for in 2009 so far?

These questions are important because it is always a good idea to keep track of your efforts and to appreciate the positive results. I have noticed so far this month that I have been feeling more joy and freedom. This improved state of mind and heart seems to come from my emphasis on joy and freedom as what I most want to create in my life. As I pursue a joyous life, I seem to find more of it. As I seek more freedom, I feel freer.

My emotions play a big part in the shift that happens. Lately my focus on being joyous in life helps me feel light and appreciative of what is going on. As I let go of my own expectations, I seem to be more present and without restrictions. This makes life much more enjoyable. When I feel positive things just work out better.

Today I suggest your try the following visualization to loosen up the flow of what you want into your life:

Imagine yourself living this amazing life, full of what you want. You have the freedom of a rich flow of money, vibrant health, peace of mind, great success and lots of love and joy. You have a home you enjoy and relationships that matter. You feel alive and inspired by what you do. You make a positive difference in the world.

Now feel how it would feel to have this wonderful life, feel the joy, feel the peace, feel the excitement, feel the energy, feel the freedom as if you have no limits and can do what you want. Feel how great this all feels. Feel the relief of total freedom to fully be who you want to be.

The more positive emotions you get rolling the more you vibrate as a level where you make things happen as you want them to come about in your life.

Yes what a joy it is be to be fully who your really are.