Healthy Practices In Challenging Times

This month was my best ever for traffic to my blog. I am excited that over 15,000 people have checked out what I am writing about. These times are very interesting at so many levels. What I share are ideas about making it through the jungle of life and still keep your mind intact, your heart open, your body healthy and your spirit explored.

During these challenging times my concern is that you take good care of yourself in the midst of the stress.

This is what I am working on to keep myself healthy in these times and I want to share these with you so that you can consider using them yourself:

• Don't take anything personally
. If a person, business, organization or government is not following through or being difficult, don't let it ruin your day. Let nothing knock you off course as far as keeping positive and hopeful.
• Trust in your own plan for a better life and know that things are progressing
. Just keep on following through with your intentions and know your efforts will create the results you feel passionate about.
Take time to interact. If you feel really concerned about someone or a particular situation, sit down with them and take some time to listen, usually beyond the troubled person there is a human being who just wants to be heard. Compassionate listening is a powerful tool and can transform even the most difficult situations.
Breath with awareness. If you get too caught up in the worry and hurry, and it is easy to do, take time to be mindful of your breath. In just a few minutes of this practice you can release the charged up emotions and come back into balance.
Make your focus about creating freedom and having love and joy in your life. Nothing matters more than these qualities and when you have them nothing feels better. You were born to have joy, to feel love and to be free to live the life you want to live.

And don’t forget to have fun, eat good food, exercise enough to feel healthy and express your own uniqueness in some way every day.

Have a good weekend!