An Experiment In Appreciation

Saturday morning is always a day for me to start our slow. During the week I am up at 7:15 a.m. to write. So on the weekend, I like to sleep in and read before I get up. That feels like a luxury to me. The simple things in life sometimes feel the best. Life has gotten way too complicated these days. I prefer keeping it uncomplicated and taking it easy.

What my wife and I have been noticing lately is that changing old patterns can be quite complicated. We both see there are thoughts and old grooves in our reaction to the world that we want to move in a more attractive direction. Attractive direction means attracting what we want in life and we see our thoughts and emotions as obstacles at times. As a therapist I can confirm that we get in our own way much more than anyone else does.

Recently I was working with a client that couldn’t change her mind about her alcohol use and now she is back out using and in a mess again. She was her own worst enemy even with lots of help; she couldn’t leave her limited thoughts behind.

Breaking from our old thought, feeling and behavior patterns takes a clear intention and near constant focus. I suggest you join my wife and I in an experiment:

Choose something simple or small that you want to attract into your life
, maybe it is: contact from an old friend you have lost touch with, extra money for a weekly massage or some new books to read, quiet time to contemplate a deeper connection to your spirit, membership in a gym and a friend to workout with or whatever would indicate that you have attracted something into your life that you really wanted.

Now sit down and write out how much you appreciate having this desired outcome in your life as if it is already there. Feel how it would feel to have what you want. Feel the joy of manifesting this desire. Imagine how enriched your life has become from having this new addition to your life. Feel the relief of knowing you can make things happen that your really want.

Keep this imagining practice going noticing your thoughts and making sure they are positive and supportive. Be patient, let this experiment have all the time it needs to percolate and come into your life. If you allow, it will happen.

Let me know how it goes. I will keep you updated on how well our experiment works out. Please feel free to leave comments or to email me directly with your questions at