Super Bowl Sunday and Things To Read And Think About

This is more of Sunday update on several things going on, reading and some thoughts. It is Super Bowl Sunday, are you into it or not? Professional sports seem less and less relevant to me but this game has my interest because of the very unexpected Cardinals. It is fun to watch when the collective energy of a team rises above expectations. That collective rising is something I hope we all do in this country and together there is no limit to all we can accomplish. Go Cardinals, go Americans!

I have been reading two very interesting and helpful book. The first one, I mentioned before is Money and Law of Attraction by Abraham-Hicks. This book has been the source of great inspiration to me and has greatly influenced my blog writings for the past month or more. I highly recommend getting a copy and reading and studying this book until you receive the full benefit from these ideas.

The second book is called, The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner. This is a very interesting study about happiness. I find myself having insights regularly as I read this book about places much different than our country where they enjoy life in their own unique ways. This book is a good read and will enrich your perspective on how to find more happiness however and wherever you live your life.

My final visitor tally for my blog this month reached to just over 16,000. My best ever number of readers and I feel very positive about my dedication. I am just coming up on 700 posts here. I write to express myself, to encourage the best in people and to spread consciousness and progressive ideas. I feel real joy in the freedom to intuitively write and thoughtfully share ideas.

Welcome to February and to the possibilities that await you in this month ahead. Positive change is definitely in the air and I hope you get to experience good things flowing this month. Can you feel the door ways opening, the mind opening, the heart opening, the stream flowing, the joy expanding, the freedom in you expressing itself, and your uniqueness being realized as this month opens your life to even more of what you want? Have a very inspired next 28 days.