Is Your Self-Talk Set For Success?

What kind of story do you have going in your head about the life you want and why you are not yet making it happen? Maybe you are hugely successful, happy, and financially free and that would be great if it is so. However many are falling short of what you want in your life. That is ok if you are ok with settling for far less than you know you are capable of achieving. The fix is simple. The things that are not working just need to be adjusted so you can get headed in the right direction. Maybe you even have resolution for 2009 that could make things go better. It all depends on your self-talk and the story it continually repeats in your head.

The story in your own mind about you and your life shapes the outcome moment to moment. Checkout the blog from yesterday about your mind and how it can set you free or holds you back. This is all part of the story you carry with you.

A story that doesn’t work is focused on what has gone wrong; on the problems instead of the results you seek; and on who is to blame for things not working out. This kind of story in your head just creates more disappointment.

A story that works and creates results you can feel good about: focuses on the positive; is solutions oriented; seeks new ways to create more results; and on new strategies you can utilize to bring even greater success. This kind of story makes what you want happen.

These are both stories in your head; both are equally effective. If you don’t believe you can have things the way you want them to be, you are right. If on the other hand you tell yourself the story of your success, you can watch that become a reality.

What holds you back most of all are
: thoughts that you don’t deserve, doubt that you have own share of the abundant universe, misbelieve that you don’t have what it takes, wrongly think you are just a failure or some other nonsense which you learned along the way to your adulthood. These thoughts are a clear blocks to you having the life you desire. Change them today and all others in correct thoughts that continually kick you in the ass or put you down. These are just thoughts and they are not real.

This week sit down and write yourself a new story. This story needs to be filled with your insights and successes. This story needs to be filled with thoughts that encourage and inspire you. This story needs to be filled with the powerful emotions like purpose and joy. This story has to have in it the pleasure of your freedom in this new life. This story has to include your heart being open and filled with love and compassion for yourself and those you care about. This story has to be about how you stepped into the downstream of life and let the good things happen easily and effortlessly. This story has to be about raising your consciousness and therefore your vibrations so that you can attract what you desire. This story has to include the relief you feel at finally understanding what it takes to be the powerful creator of your own life.

Are you ready to write your new story of success about all you want in your world? Remember you have the ability to manifest the life you want by allowing your thoughts and feelings to focus on the best outcomes you can imagine.