A Feeling Heart Rules

So far this year I have been inviting you to become more conscious of how you are helping or hindering what you want to happen in 2009. Today I want to give you some additional ideas to explore to assist you in continuing to expand your awareness. You are a powerful creator of your life and the results you see around your show where your thoughts and feelings are. Look at your life right now and see what you have been creating. Is it something you are excited and happy about or something that leaves you disappointed or discouraged? These results show your state of mind and emotions.

The last few days looked at thoughts. Today we are going to look at your feeling center, your heart. In case you have not noticed, your heart plays a major role in determining how your life turns out. Most of what you feel is connected to your heart. Your heart is the center for your emotions like love, compassion, kindness, enthusiasm and joy or grief, hurt, sadness, anger and fear. Emotions are usually created by thoughts that turn into energy in motion.

The important thing here, when it come to creating the life you want, is that emotions turn into moving energy. This moving energy has the power to attract what you want in life. So if you are happy and loving you will create a happy and loving life because that is what is drawn to you. If you are fearful and angry you will draw to you a scary life that makes you mad.

Feelings are full of energy and when they are expressed they are powerful forces of attraction. When feeling are denied or stuffed you block off your attractive qualities. Unexpressed emotions settle into your body as tension, which inhibits your immune system and causes you to be closed down. Lots of denial of your feeling creates a wall around your heart and you feel unable to let anybody come close and find it difficult to feel love.

If you want to reshape your life this year start doing these three practices immediately: First start respecting how you feel and expressing those feeling in healthy ways. Let them out and let them go. No more holding in how you feel because even the positive emotions held back will shut you down and block you from getting close to others.

Second, forgive and let go of the past and the feelings connected with what happened before. Forgiveness is for you and about freeing up your own energy so you can move on in healthy ways.

Third, keep your thoughts positive so you can energize yourself with positive emotions. The more you move the emotional energies of optimism, enthusiasm, joy, and love through you the more powerful attractive force you send out to bring about the life you desire.

Feel as much as you can and live with purpose and passion in all that you do. That is a surefire approach to a wonderful life.