Remember the old Rolaids commercial about how do you spell relief and they spelled out Rolaids? Relief is a really interesting emotion more like a set of thoughts. When you feel relief isn’t it like a combination of peace of mind, a relaxed breath, sitting calmly, happy to make it through whatever the ordeal, or just plain “thank god” that is over. Relief is the topic today because that emotion is a very fine indicator of progress in the midst of confusion or struggle.

When you are in the midst of changing your life for the better what often starts that process is seeing things need to change or feeling uneasy with what is going on. Next you begin to think about what you want to happen instead. Once the new direction comes into view the next step is you start planning on how to be successful. You explore options and ideas until you think you are on the right track. There is where most people stop the questioning and instead go directly to moving into action. That is the wrong step because action is not the most important thing to do at this time.

What needs to happen next is to listen beyond the logic of the mind. Instead the heart and intuitive knowing need to be consulted in a way that raises your awareness and wisdom about what is the right way to alter your life’s path. Now when the inner wisdom is consulted and the heart feels positive about which way to go is the time to do what needs to be done. The doing is not the key here as you might think. The better and more powerful approach is the sensation of higher vibrations driven by the passionate feelings of you on a mission of creating from the place of who you really are.

Does this make sense and what does this have to do with relief? Yes you are the creator of your own reality by your thoughts and feeling more than by your actions. That is a truth, which you and the rest of us are just beginning to understand because this is the leading edge of human actualization.

Now what part does relief play in the fulfillment of your desires? Relief is the indicator that you are on the right track. If things have not being going as you would have them, then relief is the feeling that would let you know you are headed in the right direction. Relief would let you know you have course corrected and are now moving toward the better life you seek. Relief would also let you know that you are now able to let your shoulders relax, release the tension in your stomach and again feel the sense of freedom that comes from knowing where you are going. Relief lets you know that you are truly beginning to know what it takes to be successful in realizing your dreams. If you are not feeling relief yet in pursuit of your new directions in life then imagine what relief would feel like because that will help you get where you want to go. 

I hope the next few months are filled with the great relief of seeing the results you want coming into your life.