Your Infinite Possibilities Await

Relief is what I wrote about yesterday and I hope you found the ideas of interest. More important I hope you understand that emotions are a key to you making this year a huge success. The reason the feeling of relief is so powerful is that you can imagine what your life will feel like before it even arrives.

Yesterday on my run I imagined the relief of having my body fully fit and healthy. I imagined how it will feel when I have financial freedom and can run, workout and play as long as I want whenever I want. I imagined getting up each morning and deciding what I want to do and being able to do it. I imagined traveling to places I want to see and enjoy. I imagined what it will be like when I have the financial resources to help out those in need, those with great ideas who need start up money, family and friends who need more resources to help them create the life they desire. I imagined feeling my body free of anxiousness, worry or fear. I imagined going to as many art classes as I want to. I imagined running along the beach in Santa Barbara on a winter day of a warm 60 degrees. All of this will be my reality because I can imagine it, feel it and attract it.

It is wonderful to feel the relief of living the life I desire, you can too. Let you imagination move your forward in life and place you where you want to be, in a relaxed body, with a calm mind, and feeling the passion of living the way you want to live. Feel the relief of no longer being anxious or worrying. Feel the relief of knowing you have all the money, love, health, or whatever you want. Feel the relief of relaxing into your life, flowing downstream in the river of well-being easily and effortless filled with joy. Does this sound good to you? Of course it does, so imagine the relief and let it happen.

I came upon an interesting website with a family interacting with wild deer as if they were all part of their family. The beauty of nature and of us human beings interacting struck me as really wonderful. Check out the deer video at this site

Remember infinite possibilities and beauty are in you and as you tune into your higher nature your limits drop away and you can and do just about anything. This anything included living life effortless, having abundance, healing yourself, and loving without limits. Give these ideas of the past few days a try and let me know if I can be of assistance in any way.