Changing Like The Seasons

Three years today for my wife and I.  It has been very easy, fun and lots of love.  A few weeks ago we visited the place we got married on the Oregon Coast.  Where has the last three years gone so quickly?  Fall is back and what happened to the summer?   

As I rode my bike yesterday I was thinking I needed to get ready in my head for the cold and slippery days ahead.  I am not there yet since I am still in shorts at work.  The warm breeze the night before is being replaced by last night’s much cooler wind.  I feel myself contracting in anticipation of the full onset of the colder months.
This time of year as we transition into fall weather reminds me of us human beings and how we are always in the process of change.  Even if we resist and dislike change it is part of the cycle of our lives.  Every year we go through the seasons and each one brings its challenges and joys.  Change is ongoing and if we go with it and keep open to the flow of what comes our way it can seems much easier and more enjoyable. 
This time of year is hot and cold, sometimes in just a few minutes things change drastically.  We humans are just like that when we switch from different states of mind and emotions.  We can go from hot about what someone said to cold and distant or from cold and out of reach to warmly receptive in just moments. 
Fall is a time when intense color can fill our trees just before they are blown into the nakedness of vulnerability.  Yes we have all been disrobed of our defenses.  Yes we have all felt the colors of aliveness drain from our bodies when we mess up.  Life can leave us humbled by our actions, non-actions or reactions.

Last night before the cold smacked my tomatoes and basil around, I went out and harvested what was left and felt disappointed that the cold was coming so soon and so fast.  Life seems to come at us way too fast at times and from the rearview mirror it goes by too fast.  Change keeps happening and we keep going even if it is too fast.
Do you appreciate that you are flexible enough to go with the flow more easily at this point in you life? Or do you battle with moving on and the unpredictability of living? 

Take comfort in the idea that we all find ways to adapt, to survive, to sometimes even thrive as we face the unknown of daily life.  Flexibility is a very valuable asset in times like these where change is not going away and is even speeding up almost daily. 
As October knocks at the door and enters, I will share with you some ideas to assist your adaptability and flexibility.  Enjoy the harvest of your own actions, thoughts and compassionate interactions of others.

Lastly, Much Love to my wife Bobbi on our 3rd Anniversary.