With Twitter, Facebook, Email, Cell Phone, When Do You Have Time To Yourself?

No word from the President in case you wondered ;-)  I suspect he has more pressing issues that tending to his email.  Do you remember life previous to email?   It seems so long ago yet it was just few years ago that emails and cell phones played minor roles in our lives.  This is no longer true except I must admit to being behind the times as far as cell phone goes.  Most of the time my cell phone lies quietly in my bag and it never rings.  Maybe that is because almost no one knows my number.  I still think the microwaves of the cell phone are dangerous to my brain in particular when my memory at times is less than optimal.  My moments away from work and my home phone are my occasions to enjoy the quiet of my own company. 
Do you feel obligated to have a phone with you at all times, to respond to all your personal emails?  When do you get away from things and renew?  These are wonderful inventions but should we allow them to take over our lives?   Keeping in touch in an instant is a great gift to us all but setting boundaries around your quiet time is vitally important to your well-being
Facebook and Twitter both have been dropped into our lives as another quick way to keep in touch.  The last 10 years our less has brought us all these very interesting inventions for communications but have they made us better or more effective communicators?  Are we maybe hurried in our response; maybe even less intimate?  Have we lost something like our quiet time, our time for contemplation, our important time with self?  
All these communications tools including my blog, which I love doing, has in reality filled my day with more to do and less time to be.  My blog writing is more "being" time for me but sometimes it is me just completing my commitment to writing 6 days per week.  The good news is that my blog is fun and inspirational to me the writer and hopefully to you the reader.  The other tools of communications all have their pluses, especially email from people I care about, but in general I am mixed about them.  How about you?  Would you be lost without these tools for networking and keeping in touch?  You can always put these inventions aside for a time to be quiet, thoughtful, aware of feelings, relaxed and fully in the moment. 

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