Congratulations To President Obama For Winning The Nobel Peace Prize.

I want to share a brief note about President Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize.  This highly honored prize is about the hope that resides in all of us, the hope for a peaceful world, a world where compassion and kindness win out over the ego driven desire for power.  President Obama represents real hope for a better world especially after the last 8 years of unconscious leadership.  That great depth of that hope resides in you and I, our neighbors, our community, our nation and around the globe where there are people who have passionate and enthusiastic hearts, open and wise minds and the deeper knowing of spirit.   

Let this award be a call to all of us who care about what is truly right and just, who have compassion for all, and who seek to build a better world.  Let this call inspire in us to do more and be more of what we know is possible in our potential.  Let this award serve as a reminder to begin to find our peace within and to spread our peace from that place of calmness and awareness.  Let this peace intention expand so that all relationships are peaceful, all actions of business are peaceful, all interactions of nations are peaceful. 

This is all possible and it can begin today if you and I commit to ignoring the thoughts of the ego-mind and instead follow the deeper wisdom of our hearts and the spirit that resides in us. 

Be Peace