Today Step Past The Delusion Of Time

It is Sunday evening and I am sitting here writing my first draft of today’s blog.  Dinner was late because my wife and I had a massage at Massage Envy, which we joined (great prices) and use monthly.  Self-care feels so good sometimes.

Time has been on my mind lately.  Time is a mind thing and if you watch your mind you will see that it is always planning/rehearsing for the future or replaying the past.  The ego-mind uses time to keep us from being present.  If we are future seeking or past reviewing the mind is very happy because we are only in touch with our thoughts.  Underneath these thoughts of ours however is a much more dynamic experience of life.  This experience is about our contact with the greater reality of our unlimited potential, about being in relationship with the spirit within and our Higher Self.

These past few days and for the next couple weeks I am rereading the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.  My second time through is much more powerful than the first reading and that amazes me since the origin read seemed to alter the way I saw myself and the world.  This book will absolutely rock you from the foundations of what you thought was true and leave you in a wake of new insight and higher consciousness.  If personal growth is your thing, like it is mine, this book has to be number one of must read or must rereads.

So Tolle says that if we stop the mind from pushing us into the future or dragging us into the past, we will be forever free to live in the now where all that is really real happens.  Taking time out of the mind equation means the end of personal suffering because all the pain of life has to do with wanting to be someone else.  If we eliminate the longing for the illusionary future or the identity with the past, we are free to fully experience the present. 

The now is called the present because it is a gift of peace, love, and joy.  These positive feelings naturally arise when we are present because it truly a wonderful place to be.  There are no bad times in the now, there are just the amazing experience of life free of the suffering that comes from the mind tripping along under the confusion of time.

Eckhart Tolle writes about these ideas with such clarity.  Please if you don’t own this book go to the nearest local bookstore or Amazon and purchase a copy.  It will set your world free in ways you may not even be able to imagine yet. 

Have a good week and watch your mind's determination to be either in the past or future.  This watching will open you to a higher level of consciousness and lead to your total liberation.